Cold Tape

digital video /betaSP

colour, stereo, 4:3 ratio

1:11 minutes


It interests me how the body responds to certain frequencies and combinations of data.

Having worked intensively with frame by frame film and videomaking processes for several years, I have found that prolonged exposure to flickering and rapidly changing images has an adverse effect on my immune system. This is probably because as filmmaker I was spending, not minutes, but hours, viewing, editing and reviewing material at speed.

Often my films are preceded with a warning for those whose who suffer from photo-sensitive epilepsy.

This is one of those works.

A frenetic collage of digitally composed abstract paintings and thousand cycle tone.

Cold Tape draws together contrasting images, animated by scrubbing back and forth along the timeline. Akin to scratching and dragging the needle across a record.

It follows my earlier experiments in live video processing and optical printing and was inspired in part by William Burroughs' Electronic Revolution (1970) which discusses the use of cut/up and information scrambling techniques to manipulate perception, create disruption and instability.

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