A poem of light, speed and memory, formed through an interrogation of film material and structure, exploring the movement of light as music, text and body language.

Originated on super 8mm and 16mm film and blown-up to 35mm, Letters is composed of contrasting sequences of abstract hand-painted film and live photography, manipulated through extensive editing and optical printing processes. The film captures the frame-by-frame destruction of 16mm original during the blow up to 35mm and deals with the consequences and dynamics of technical error, inverted geometry, forward and reverse motion.

Influences include the cut-ups of William Burroughs and flicker films of Tony Conrad and Paul Sharits.

There are several editions on 35mm film and video.

Made with funding from Scottish Screen, The Foundation for Art and Sport & Glasgow City Council. With kind support from Lux, London; West Highland Animation; Soho Images; GMAC Glasgow; Niagara Custom Lab Toronto.

Distributed by Lux, London and CFMDC, Toronto.

[screenings: Edinburgh International Film Festival, Festival Cinema Differents Paris, Rencontres Internationals Paris Berlin; Telluride Experimental Cinema Exposition, Images Festival Toronto, Ann Arbor Film Festival Michigan, L'Alternativa Festival, Barcelona; La Enana Marron, Madrid; Lighthouse, Glasgow; Pleasure Dome Toronto]

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