Universe Energies Sustain Us



A process-based video and multi-channel installation exploring the translation and regulation of data by the body and technology; themes of transparency and difference, cultural overlay and the aesthetics and consequences of error.

Universe Energies Sustain Us combines sampled and recycled sequences of abstract animation and performance video sourced from Iacono's works: Play, Cold Tape, Walk, Letters, Enter, Island and Myeyeye.
First presented as an 8-channel installation at the Cooper Gallery, Dundee, 2001. A single channel version was created in 2002, with music by scottish artist Norman Shaw

"This casual database of material is reprocessed and manipulated into a video of multi-dimensional self-reflexivity and layered recycling, video keying, saturated colourful fidgety pixellated abstract mosaics in an excessive megamix: what Iacono refers to as 'babble... the language of languages', the piece is a kind of abstract metadata, data about data".

Steven Ball, 'Open Play: The Work of Riccardo Iacono', Axisweb, 2005 (PDF)


PLAy video

(single channel edition - 14minutes)

PLAy video

(installation / process detail- 6 mins)
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