Untitled (Transaction #1)

art sales model

conversation, text, collage, video, print, sale, receipt, 2013

I was approached by a client wishing to buy two of my prints. One of these was intended as a gift for his girlfriend. He was a bit short of cash and he asked if he could negotiate a lower price.

I offered him a deal, inviting him to cut a piece from the print corresponding to the size of his budget and thus create a new work in the process.

Untitled (Transaction #1) 2013

The client received pieces of the cut print; a transcript of our initial Facebook conversation; photograph and video of the negotiation and editing process; and receipt of payment listing all parts.

I retained remnants of the print along with documentation of the transaction.

Other permutations of the work are now in development incorporating new and recycled material using Untitled (Transaction #1) as a model for future sales, improvisations, collaborations and exhibitions.

Untitled, inkjet print, 8.3 x 11.7 ins, 2012 (exhibited as part of This Orientation, Summit Gallery, London, 2013)

DVD packaging, for video documentation (clients copy) 2013

client with artwork and documentation, 2013


PLAy video

4 min clip
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