2:15 minutes

twin screen 16mm projection and single channel video editions 1995 / 2003

Double is concerned with the alternate and simultaneous interplay of light and dark, silence and sound.

The film is composed of abstract images which were painted directly onto film and manipulated photographically using an optical printer.




There are several editions of this work on video and film, with and without sound.

It was first shown as a silent video titled SKZCP - Part 1, in 1995, in the exhibition Focusing in the Dark, Ljubljana.

The optical sound edition uses an electronic music piece by David McKenzie, created by digitally processing the human voice to imitate the movements of reflected and refracted light on the film surface.

Distributed by CFMDC.

Broadcast on Channel 4, with an alternative soundtrack by Daniel Ibbotson, as part of Lucid, Blackwatch Productions (1999)

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