2:15 minutes, video and 16mm editions 1994/1997/2003

An abstract film of vertical horror, absence and descent (After Marcel Duchamp's painting, 'Nude Descending a Staircase', 1912).

Open was composed in-camera using extensive step-printing and multiple exposures to manipulate an individual frame of hand-painted film.

Initially realised as a silent film focussing on the drama of slippage and the correspondences of painting and photography, an alternative version was created in 1997 to include a specially composed sound track by David McKenzie.

Subtle movements of reflected light on the film surface and parallax camera motion animate the painting; which, in tandem with the music, creates a sense of apprehension, suspense and nausea.

Editions: First edition originated on film in 1994. Second edition, mastered with music on BetaSP video 1997. Third edition, mastered on film from the original negative, with optical sound track in 2003.

Distributed by CFMDC, Toronto

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